Nude Hydrating water

Spring is here and it’s slowly getting warmer. All of our minds are turning to summer. I am filled with thoughts on how to get perfectly bronzed, glowing skin that won’t need more than a swish of bronze and a slick of lipgloss to look good. With this in mind, I am going to introduce a few of my summer beauty heroes. First up, a product I would not like to holiday without, Nude hydrating water. £14 for 100ml.

Nude produce products with high grade natural ingredients, avoiding synthetic chemicals. Like most women, I hate the idea of putting nasty chemicals onto my face which may do more harm than good for my skin long term. But before I start evangelising about the benefits of going natural, I would like to just point out that just because an ingredient is extracted from a plant does not mean it is good. The same goes for chemicals. There are many revolutionary skincare ingredients which were formed in labs, and many plant extracts which I would not wish upon anyone’s face. Brands know that Natural is fashionable now, and many products promote themselves upon ingredients which are only present in minuscule quantities, or are of a very low grade which means they will have little to none of their benefits on your skin. My advice is to always do your research, and trust what works.

One natural brand which I completely love is Nude. I love it because it’s ethical and they don’t put anything nasty into their products to try and bulk it out or give a false instant effect. I also love that their products look and smell good. But as important as all these things are, they are nothing without results. Amazing, beautifying, long lasting results. I have tried every product in the Nude range, and I have never been disappointed on results. When Nude was first launched, I was sent the range. As soon as I had used it, I went straight out and bought more. Takes a lot to get me to part with my beauty pennies.

The products are not cheap, but they don’t disappoint. Even if you don’t care a fig for natural ingredients, you will love the results.

The hydrating mist is a glorious blend of high grade natural extracts, all of which are soothing and calming for the skin. The recycled plastic pump bottle is super light and travel friendly. The super fine mist soaks into skin instantly and feels like you are feeding your face. Which you are, because every ingredient is working to nourish and protect skin from atmospheric damage. Prickly pear draws and captures moisture, giving the plump and plushy surface we all adore. linden is fabulous for soothing tired angry skin and eliminating redness. Vanilla fruit extract helps to protect against free radical stress and uv damage. All just as important in the city as they are on the beach.

This can be spritzed on as part of your routine before cleanser to give an extra hydration boost, and also spritzed over make up to stop a tired, flagging look creeping up on you half way through the day. It is an instant refresher, with genuine results. Great to keep in the desk for a revitalising spritz to combat dull and dry air con skin. The bottle is a good size, and so I always spritz face and décolletage, but have been known to use it on sun parched limbs too. It’s my go to for any high stress skin situation. For maximum results, I keep a bottle in the fridge. Spritz that after a sunny afternoon hanging out in the garden and your face will glow with thanks.



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