Golden rules for good skin

Twenty golden rules for good skin:
(In no particular order)

1- Don’t have the shower too hot – dries your skin.

2- Never point shower at chest area – the skin here is thin, so the pressure and heat can do real damage to this delicate area.

3- Carry a bottle of water at all times – the best way to hydrate skin is from the inside out. If you always have water with you, you will be amazed how much you drink.

4- Find out if you have food intolerances – even minor food intolerance will cause skin to become dull and Temperamental.

5- Wear sun screen.- We all know the dangers, and there is no excuse.

6- Don’t spray perfume onto décolletage – Alcohol dries, and no one wants to be dry there.

7- Avoid sugar and dairy – it’s no longer the stuff of old wive’s tales. Some very in depth studies have now proven the link between sugar and dairy with acne.

8- Wash your make up brushes – dirty brushes are just rubbing oil, dirt and dead skin cells back onto your face. Gross.

9- Deep cleanse once a week – Steams and scrub treatments should not really be needed more than once a week. Do this too often, and you will be irritating your skin.

10- Wash your face twice- first wash loosens and removes surface dirt, second cleans skin.

11- Don’t use face wipes- most often full of alcohol. Handy for removing make up after a night out, but not a habit to let yourself get into on a day to day basis.

12- Clean your phone – it rubs on your face. Dirt, make up, grease, it’s all on there.

13- Don’t pick- I know it is tempting, but picking is will only irritate and inflame the skin. Invest in an extraction tool.

14- Massage your face – You do have time! Oil based cleanser, or a night oil would be a good way to work this into your routine. I love soya oil for it’s plumping properties, but the massaging action will do your face just as much good as the oil. Use upward sweeping motions and tapping to stimulate blood flow and make skin really glow.

15- Consider a silk pillow- sounds decadent, I know, but reducing the friction from your pillow reduces the irritation that causes collagen breakdown. It will also keep your hair looking smooth and shiny.

16- Supplement – Give your skin back what it is naturally losing over time with a daily dose of collagen. There is no substitute for collagen. Strong and healthy skin will help to reduce collagen loss, but when it comes to putting it back, nothing is as effective as a liquid dose of collagen. I use Collagen Shots and they are my hero product.

17- Use mild products- No alcohol, no silicone, nothing that will irritate. Irritation causes collagen breakdown, Spots and un even skin tone.

18- Go make up free when you can- As soon as you get home, wash it off.

19- take control of your hormones – You may find that your skin gets a bit irritable and emotional at different stages of the month. Take a vitamin B complex and Zinc to keep hormones steady and skin under control.

20- Research- the Internet makes it incredibly easy for us to research our own skin concerns and find out about so many products. You should never take any brand’s word as fact without some independent research of your own.


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