90 minute football alternative beauty regime

I usually spend evenings with my boyfriend. We cook, watch tv, talk a lot. Normal couple stuff. When he is away, and I am alone for the evening, I treat it as a chance to home spa and give myself a real pampering.This evening England are playing football. I may as well be alone in the house. There is little chance of him offering conversation when football is on. When england are playing, chances drop to zero. With this in mind, I have planned out a 90 minute pamper regime for girls who won’t be watching the football, so that we can make best use of those precious 90 minutes.

Put on face mask and leave for ten minutes while you Make your own body scrub from olive oil, a spoon or two of honey and some brown sugar. Oats and coconut also work well for home made scrubs.

Stand in the bath or shower, Cover yourself in scrub and rinse it off along with face mask.- 15 minutes.

Massage face with facial oil or moisturiser. Use upward stroking motions, covering neck as well as face. – 10 minutes.

Put in sleep rollers: 15minutes.

Your hands will be super soft from the scrub and facial oil by now. Apply some cuticle oil and gently push cuticles back. Buff nails and file into shape. – 20 minutes

Apply Nail polish in thin and even coats. Put a layer of top coat for super shine and strength. Sit back for the last twenty minutes and allow to dry.


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